Where am I?

Student Human Environmental Sciences Association

The Human Environmental Sciences Department has its own professional student organization known as SHESA, the Student Human Environmental Sciences Association. This group is open to all HES students at Fontbonne. One of the best ways to meet other students who share your interests and career goals is to join this student organization.

Membership in SHESA can:

  •  improve your leadership skills,
  •  give you more contact with faculty and professionals in your field, and
  •  provide valuable networking opportunities for the future.


SHESA meets regularly for educational programs, community service and social activities. The group also holds fundraisers to support these activities. Community service projects have included food drives, contributions to the St. Patrick's Center and Adopting-A-Family plus activities related to the Sunshine Mission.


Officers of the organization are elected each spring. Dues are nominal and all are encouraged to join. The primary focus of the activities of the Association is to develop leadership skills and encourage student participation in community service projects and professional meetings.




President, Charity Brennan



Links to websites of affiliated associations:


National Education Association



The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences



The National Association for the Education of Young Children



Fashion Group International, Inc.



Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics





For more information please contact the advisors:

Jaimette McCulley at (314) 889-4529 or jmcculley@fontbonne.edu

Dr. Janine Duncan at (314) 719-3639 or jduncan@fontbonne.edu