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National Society for Leadership and Success

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." -John F. Kennedy

The National Society of Leadership and Success is leadership development organization that partners with approximately 270 colleges and universities.  The Society assists undergraduate students with individual strength recognition, leadership skill development, and personal goal achievement. The year-long program includes a national leaders speaker series, a leadership training seminar, participation in peer success networking teams, and access to related articles and videos. The program uses interactive web presentations or streaming videos online for flexibility in scheduling. Participation in the Society is open to students of all majors. Students who chose to participate will have a time commitment of approximately 10 hours including an orientation session, leadership training day, three speaker events, and three meetings with their assigned success networking team.

For more information about Fontbonne's chapter or how to become involved, contact Dr. Janelle Densberger, Director of Leadership Education and Student Activities, at jdensberger@fontbonne.edu or 314.719.8057.