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Fontbonne Student Ambassadors

Meet the 2015-2016 Fontbonne Student Ambassadors!

Our ambassadors work in conjunction with the Office of Admission by assisting with recruitment and enrollment efforts, most importantly, by giving our prospective students and families a personal feel of Fontbonne’s campus through individual and small group tours at Preview Days and one-on-one campus visits.

To learn more about an Ambassador, click on the photo to get his/her quick bio.

Have a question for our Ambassadors?

Are you curious about a certain program, wondering about dorm life and student activities or dying to know about the food at the Griffin Grill? Send our ambassadors an email and receive answers from real students: ambassadors@fontbonne.edu



If you want to learn more about our Ambassadors or are interested in becoming one, please email the Office of Admission at fbyou@fontbonne.edu.

Name: Bailey Benes
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Name: Clayton Bond
Major: Business/Communication

Name: Taylor Bond
Major: Accounting

Name: Ethan Borrowman
Major: Computer Science

Name: Kelly Brooks
Major: Speech-Language Pathology


Name: Tara Byerley
Major: Biology


Name: Traci Clapper
Major: Performing Arts

Name: Eleanor Clark
Major: Special Education

Name: Jessica Coryell
Major: Communication Studies

Name: Gabi Cruts
Major: Special Ed/Elementary Ed

Name: Carissa Dodge
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Name: John Fletcher
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Name: Claire Gunn
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Name: Celeste Herrmann
Major: Fashion Merchandising

Name: Kelsey Herschel
Major: Fashion Merchandising

Name: Kaylee Huelsing
Major: Accounting

Name: Amy Koncar
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Name: Jacob Lendy
Speech-Language Pathology

Name: Stephen Lendy
Major: Special Ed/Elementary Ed

Name: Jessica Leuthauser
Major: Social Work

Name: Paige McDonald
Major: Dietetics

Name: Garrett McDowell
Major: Sports Management/Math

Name: Annie McKenzie
Major: History/Strat Communication

Name: Kelly Meyer
Major: Early Childhood Education

Name: Adam Neff
Major: Speech-Language Pathology

Name: Zack Pelker

Name: Madeline Stadler
Major: Applied Math/Dual Degree Program for Engineering

Name: Fannie Terrell
Literary Studies

Name: Erin Vilimek
Major: Applied Mathematics

Name: Keaton Wall
Major: Applied Mathematics

Name: James Wiggins
Major: Biology - Nursing Partnership with Barnes-Jewish College of Nursing



The Fontbonne Student Ambassadors program is generously supported by a Fontbonne Community Connection grant for the 2014-2015 academic year.