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Matthew Retreat

Matthew Retreat: Rethink-Reimagine-Reconceive Jesus: is a brand new retreat Campus Ministry is debuting for the Spring 2013 semester.  Led by dynamic leader, Chris Patterson and utilitizing the film, The Gospel of Matthew, retreatants will be challenged to take a closer look at their image of Jesus and will search together to uncover the real Jesus.  The retreat will also involve time for prayer and worship in song!

This is a great weekend retreat for those wanting to deepen their relationship with God. 


It's all happening February 22nd and 23rd on campus....and IT'S TOTALLY FREE!


Have questions?   We have answers!

What exactly will we be doing?  We’ll hear from Chris Patterson, watch segments of The Gospel of Matthew film, enter into group discussion, pray, worship, and have a great time! 

Who is Chris Patterson?  A friend and mentor of Sarah Boul's, Chrispy has been married to Jan for 31 years with no kids. He lives in Kansas City, MO and is a lawyer by trade.  He has been a volunteer leader for a non denominational outreach ministry to high schoolers called Young Life for 25 years and has ministered to hundreds of kids. He presently serves as a volunteer team leader coach for Young Life. Chrispy wrote a book, published by Young Life, entitled THE ADVENTURE - Living Out Your Relationship with God. He came into full communion with the Catholic Church 4 1/2 years ago and has taught and ministered in both Catholic and Protestant settings for several years. Chrispy loves to teach on prayer, listening to God, about Jesus and is excited to do so with you! 

So, is it a Jesus thing?  Yes, it’s a Jesus thing.  All Faiths and denominations are welcome and encouraged to join us and explore the person of Jesus, Christian or not.  The Matthew Retreat is presented from a Christian perspective.

Where is this thing happening?  It’s right here on campus!  Most of the sessions will be held in the Interfaith Chapel, located on the 2nd floor of Medaille Hall.

When exactly will we be leaving campus and returning? This is a commuter retreat, meaning there is no overnight stay and each retreatant will be responsible for getting themselves back and forth to the retreat.  The retreat will kick off with dinner on Friday at 6 pm and will continue Saturday morning with breakfast at 9 am. The retreat will tentatively end at 7 pm that same day.

Who’s involved with this thing?  The Campus Ministry team--Sarah Boul, Isabella Liu, Cassie Dougherty, Anna Hotop, Shannon Lefler, Tyler Fernandez, and Claire Becker-- are putting this together for you! 

So, what do I need to bring?  Bring paper and pen.  Bring a bible if you have one.  Bring an open mind and heart.

Do I need to bring my own food?  Absolutely not.  Meals will be provided plus lots of snacks.  You will not go hungry.

Can I bring homework?  We ask that you don’t bring homework.  We recognize and respect those studious students who want to study; however coursework can sometimes get in the way of spending quality time with God. Try to get your homework done before the retreat.

This all sounds great. How do I sign up?  Click on the link below and then await more information from the team as the retreat draws near!

If you have any more questions (which is a-okay), you may email any of the team members listed above or Sarah Boul, the Director of Campus Ministry.


Register here for this incredible retreat!