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Ticket Appeals

Parking tickets may be appealed. Appeal forms are available from the Business Office, the Department of Public Safety or the Mailroom. Appeals must be received by the Public Safety Department within 7 working days from the date of the ticket you are appealing. Appeals not received within this time period will not be considered.  If special circumstances exist where an appeal is considered after 7 days, a $5 service fee is charged to cover administrative costs.  Fines will not be payroll deducted or applied to an account until the initial appeal process has been completed. Forgetting to hang your tag, not knowing the parking regulations, running late and the lack of a parking space are not considered acceptable reasons to appeal a parking ticket. If you wish, you may appeal your ticket online by using the online Parking Appeal Form.

A second appeal may be made to the Parking Appeal Board if you feel your first appeal was not fairly considered. Appeals to the Board must be submitted in writing only on the Board appeal form. Second appeals must be received within 21 days from the date of the ticket that you are appealing. Forms for this appeal may be obtained from the Public Safety director’s office, Room 101 in Ryan Hall.