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 Griffin News

Halls Close at Noon on Wednesday, May 14

Graduating students check out on Saturday, May 17 by 6 PM



  • Residents must be registered by May 31 to keep your room assignment.
  • Leaving housing? Withdrawing? Transferring? Read Important Information on page 2
  • Everyone except summer residents must change their address with US Post Office for continuous mail delivery at the end of the year. If you are withdrawing from Fontbonne, you will need to change your address on our website and at your local post office.
  • Bicycles must be removed from the Medaille rack by May 14th at 12 noon. Any bikes left will be used for the Bike Exchange Program unless tagged with your name.
  • Griffin Bucks end May 14th for everyone. GB does not carry over from spring to fall.  Time to use it or lose it.
  • Check out the calendar on last page



before Finals Week

  • Schedule checkout appointment with your RA
  • Check-out 24 hours after your last final.
  • DO NOT leave trash in your room or building. Take it to the dumpster.
  • Remove ALL personal belongings from your room.
  • Un-bunk your beds and/or return your furniture to the original arrangement.
  • Clean your room: sweep the floor and mop if necessary, clean your bathroom (exception St. Joseph Hall).
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Turn Off lights.
  • Clean out your MAILBOX before you leave!
  • Did you remember to CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS with the US Post officeand Fontbonne ONLINE?  FYI-Everyone except summer residents should fill out an address change.

 AFTER Room is Ready

  • Complete room condition form and Change of Address for USPS and Fontbonne-both online
  • Sign paperwork 
  • Turn in key/access card at check-out to avoid additional charges.
  • If you are not returning to the university and do not check out properly you forfeit your $200 housing security deposit. Room damages are deducted from your room deposit before refund.
  • If returning in the fall, damage charges are added to your student account. Your account must be current to be allowed into hall in the fall.



–  Summer residents will be in Southwest Hall in the Fine Arts building. Cotta Hall residents with a lease until July 31 can stay in their apartments until that time.

–  To stay for the summer, an application is required and submitted to Residential Life in the Student Affairs office, Medaille Hall.  

–  For more information, check out Interim/Summer Informationon the FBU website.

–  Move-In dates:  Wednesday 5/21-Friday 5/23 before 4:00 pm. Pick up key in Student Affairs office, Medaille Hall.



  1. If you are shipping your things to your home country, you must follow these directions. 
  2. All packages going to an international destination must be taken to the local POST OFFICE Acceptance Window. 
  3. If it is NOT postmarked with their stamp, the destination customs can reject and return the package.
  4. Fontbonne University follows these postal policies and will not accept these packages.
  5. They must be taken to and mailed by an official USPS Post Office.


Withdrawing from Fontbonne permanently?

  1. Complete paperwork from Lee DeLaet, Director of Academic Advising in Ryan 103.
  2. Complete a RESIDENT HALL EXIT SURVEY –ask your RA when you check out of your room.   It is part of the exit process AND we value your assessment.
  3. Room cancellation deadline:  June 1 to receive a deposit refund.
  4. International Students – if you are not returning to campus in the fall and might receive a housing security deposit refund, you must fill out a Credit Card Authorization for Housing Deposit Refund. Complete the form and sign it in the Student Affairs office in Medaille Hall.
  5. A Housing Security Deposit Refund is granted providing an online or written cancellation has been submitted by the May 1 deadline or earlier. Your housing security deposit refund will be applied to your student account to pay any financial obligations to the university including but not limited to room damage charges, cleaning charges, outstanding fines or charges on your student account. If you do receive a full or partial housing security deposit refund after you move out, you will want to

Receive your full or partial refund after you move out fast! Fontbonne University’s refund process provides you with 2 quick and easy ways to receive your refunds. You can choose either direct deposit into your personal checking or savings account OR receive it on a Fontbonne University Visa Prepaid Card. If you expect to receive a refund from Fontbonne, please enroll in electronic refunds today! Tell us your preference. * This is a secure site and all information will be kept confidential.

Register today at FONTBONNECHOICE:  fontbonnechoice.afford.com




Wednesday, May 7 at 12 noon through Tuesday, May 13


Wednesday, May 7

Moonlight Breakfast, 9 pm - 10 pm @ Ryan Dining Hall


Thursday, May 8 & Friday, May 9

Relax with Snacks

11 am while supply lasts!


Wednesday, May 14

Breakfast -last meal served for residents 


Purchase lunch in DSAC Griffin Grill (Cash only)

Griffin Bucks End


Saturday, May 17


10:00 am - Master Degrees

2:00 pm - Bachelor Degrees

Congratulations Graduates!

Halls close at 6 pm for resident graduates.


June 1

Cancellation deadline – no housing security deposit refunds after deadline

End of June, watch for Room Assignment information


Have a great summer!

See in you in August!